Fresh Cider

Fresh Apple Cider and Hard Cider Available

Fresh apple cider is one of our most popular items for sale during the fall season in Pennsylvania. We make our fresh apple cider with several varieties of our fresh apples, trying to preserve a consistent flavor all the way through the season. Each batch of apple cider may have 7+ varieties of apples included to achieve the best possible flavor.  We also offer Hard Cider (alcoholic).   You can trust in our expertise, we have been making making fresh cider to sell to the public for over 40 years.


Our raw (unpasteurized) cider is made using the following process:

  • Our apples are hand picked, sorted, and cleaned
  • All of our cider is custom pressed for us using our own apples and blend,that way we can control the quality of apples going into the cider
  • The fresh cider is then bottled and refrigerated, without any sugar, water or preservatives

Our cider is made with the perfect blend of flavors to make sure it is tasty, sweet and tart!  Enjoy it either as a cold drink on a warm fall evening, or as warm drink during a snowy Sunday  – both ways are delicious. We sell our frozen fresh cider in half gallons and try to keep that available all year long. In season, we sell our fresh cider in pints, half gallons and gallons.

The fresh cider season typically lasts from late summer into early winter, so get yours while it is fresh and in supply.  We also recommend using any leftover cider to add a unique and delicious apple flavor in all of your cooking needs!

  • Cook cider down to a syrup, and use the concentrated cider in pies, crisps, or any dish you want to shout “apples!”
  • Drizzle the apple syrup over apple dumplings and sweet potatoes to give it a sweet finish.
  • Use the syrup (or cider) to glaze your pork, turkey, or ham
  • Mix the syrup with nuts for a delicious ice cream topping.



We have been making fresh and delicious apple cider for three generations in the Lehigh Valley and Berks County – stop by to pick up a gallon, fresh from our bakery.

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