The Orchard

Our Orchard offers a wide variety of fresh Apples, Stone Fruits (Peaches, Plums, Nectarines) and Pears, as well as many different varieties of Berries.  Check out our Harvest Chart to see when your favorite fruit will be in season! With more than 25 fresh apple varieties, more than 20 peach varieties, and many nectarines, plums and berries to choose from – you won’t be left wanting. We are not a ‘pick your own’ orchard. We are orchard specialists, and we know exactly when the fruit is ripest for picking at its peak for picking, giving you the best quality ripeness.  We’ll do the work for you, and you enjoy the harvest.

* All availability dates are approximate

Crisp Fresh Apples

Granny Smith

A very good keeper with a green skin and tart, crisp and juicy flesh.

Available On November 5th


One of the last apples to come in in the fall. Sweet with a hard crunch, good for baking.

Available On November 1st

Arkansas Black

Originating in Arkansas this apple skin turns almost black in storage.

Available On November 1st

Red Winesap

Similar to that of a Stayman with a deep red thick skin.

Available On October 20th


A popular heirloom apple predominately grown for culinary use and its keeping properties.

Available On October 10th


Crisp, juicy yellow flesh. Sweet, slightly tart and firm.

Available On October 20th


With skin like the sunset, this sweet flavorful apple is perfect for eating and baking.

Available On October 15th


Beautiful red hue skin with crisp skin and a honey-tart flavor.

Available On September 25th


First class fruit for cider and sauce. Sweet flavor, very firm.

Available On October 10th

Northern Spy

Green red striped heirloom apple with a white flesh that is juicy, crisp and mildly sweet, with a rich, aromatic flavor.

Available On October 5th


Extra crisp with a sweet flavor. Wonderful for baking.

Available On September 25th

Red Delicious

The traditional American apple, sweet and crisp.

Available On Septemeber 25th

Golden Delicious

A luscious yellowish-green colored skin protecting a very sweet flavorful apple.

Available On September 20th


Some regarded the Macoun as the finest eating apple, with a dark red skin and a juicy sweet flavor.

Available On September 15th


A mixture of Jonathan, Cortland and McIntosh Apples. Makes a delectable pink apple sauce sweet and colorful, also delicious in pies or as a snack.

Available On September 15th


A McIntosh offspring

Available On September 15th


A modern apple born from the United States, crisp and mostly sweet.

Available On September 10th

Marshall McIntosh

A crisp red apple with great flavor, superb for all your baking needs as well as snacking.

Available On September 5th

Gale Gala

One of the most common apples.  Juicy and sweet, with slight apple tang. Makes a perfect apple snack with peanut butter or as is.

Available On August 25th

Summer Rambo

The perfect baked apple, juicy with aromatic flavor.

Available On August 25th


Flavor similar to that of a McIntosh, though the flesh is crisper and more succulent.

Available On August 25th

Summer Mac

A McIntosh for those who can not wait, used to make outstanding apple dumplings, pies, tarts and other bakery items

Available On August 25th


With flavor similar to that of a Gala, it’s sweet with acid.

Available On August 10th


Lodi apple, slightly larger than the yellow transparent, is a soft, sweet tart apple, excellent for baking in pies and summer apple sauce

Available On July 5th

Ginger Gold

The first crisp eating apple of the season. Excellent for salads and back to school lunches.

Available On August 10th

Yellow Transparent

Our oldest apple verity is always welcomed as the first apple of the season, sweet tart flavor makes a scrumptious tart apple sauce

Available On July 1st

Yellow Peaches


Coloring like a rising autumn moon, Autumnglo has a dark red color on a greenish-yellow background.

Available On September 1st

Crest Haven

The fruit is yellow-fleshed, freestone and shows considerable red around the pit. Introduced by the Michigan Experiment Station.

Available On August 25th

Rich Haven

Super pick of a peach, Rich Haven are similar to Redhaven, with a rich sweet taste and yellow flesh with a blush that makes it an excellent canning and fresh eating peach.

Available On August 25th


A beautiful, bright red freestone peach with clear yellow flesh. The fruit is very firm, freestone.

Available On August 25th

Harrow Beauty

One of Canada’s many gifts to the US, this is a large freestone peach.

Available On August 25th


One of the best canning and freezing varieties, fruit has a red blush over a yellow background.

Available On August 20th


Firm flesh with excellent flavor and a predominant red blush. Fruit does not brown when sliced.

Available On August 15th

PF 17

Paul Fridays 17th try, a large, yellow fleshed freestone peach. Color is an autumnal swatches of yellow, orange, and reds.

Available On August 10th

Ernie’s Choice

Medium to large fruit with attractive yellow flesh tinged with red around the pit. Variety was developed at the New Jersey Experiment Station.

Available On August 10th

PF 15A

Large, mostly yellow freestone peach.

Available On August 5th


Luscious peach flavor, with minimal fuzz and firm, yellow flesh. Perfect for canning, freezing, baking and snacking.

Available On August 1st

Garnet Beauty

Large, firm fruit that is completely freestone. Color is decent.

Available On July 20th

Early Star

Excellent early season peach of medium size with a semi-clingstone pit.

Available On July 10th

White Peaches


A tasty alternative to the traditional white peach, with a flattened shape, similar to that of the planet Saturn.

Available On August 5th

Early Red Free

A large, white fleshed semi-freestone peach of good quality. Fruit is attractive with bright red blush on creamy white background.

Available On July 15th

Snow Giant

A late season variety.  Large and firm, with outstanding fruit quality.

Available On September 10th

Sugar Giant

Sugar Giant is a large, firm white peach with exceptional eating quality.

Available On August 20th

Klondike White

Sweeter than a Klondike bar, this peach is a sub-acid peach that is mostly freestone.

Available On August 10th

Raritan Rose

A rare treat with exceptional eating quality. If a rose was called by any other name, it would want to be called a Raritan Rose.

Available On August 5th

White Lady

Highly colored fruit with very firm flesh and excellent dessert qualities. This is a sub-acid peach.

Available On August 5th

Sugar May

White juicy flesh, with balanced flavor earning excellent fruit tasting scores.

Available On July 15th


Red Gold

A very sturdy nectarine that travels well.

Available On August 20th


Nearly full red coloring with an almost glossy skin.

Available On August 25th


The top of flavor mountain, this nectarine is particularly nice for eating.

Available On August 20th


With properties of that of peach, this juicy yellow flesh is fuzzless.

Available On August 10th

Summer Beaut

Dark red color freestone of medium size.

Available On August 5th


Eats like an apple and tastes like a peach, fruit is firm and freestone with a very smooth skin.

Available On July 20th



A purple skin with a golden yellow flesh, with a pit that comes free.

Available On September 1st


A modern plum where the pit comes free from the flesh.

Available On August 10th

Santa Rosa

An old time favorite with a sweet juicy red flesh, just perfect the way they are.

Available On July 10th


A yellow plum with sweet juicy flesh. Terrific flavor and color.

Available On July 20th


Sweet juicy and succulent. Who new such a small plum would taste so good?

Available On July 15th



These Japanese non-astringent persimmons are delicious when eaten ripe. When fully ripe they are so soft that their sweet, almost jelly-like flesh practically bursts through their skins.

Available On October 29th


These high bushes attract a lot of attention in spring with their small white flowers. In late August they attract quite the attention for their delicious berries.

Available On August 15th


These heritage berries are a real treat, not to be found in any grocery store. Some say gooseberries are like a tart green grape crossed with a plum.  And they always make delicious wine and jellies.

Available On August 10th


Grown primarily for jelly in the bakery these small jewels can be red or black and are extremely tasty.

Available On August 10th


We grow over 50 plants of Victoria rhubarb which has an excellent balance of sweetness and acidity.

Available On April 15th


Michael’s father, Pappy, planted the original bushes of blackberries. Each year Lisa finds new and tasty ways to use these berries which are delicious fresh, baked in pies or jam.

Available On July 10th


Our high-bush blueberries start producing just in time to make an appearance for the 4th of July and continue producing the entire month of July.

Available On July 4th